iOS 16 Beta Profiles Download

iOS 16 Beta Profiles Download. So, how to install iOS 16 Beta without Apple developer account? Here in this news, we explain how to install the first Beta of iOS 16 step by step.

Before proceeding with the installation of iOS 16; There may be a lot of bugs in this version, so we recommend that you never install it on your iPhones that you use daily. Due to the problems to be experienced, your iPhone can let you down at the most unexpected moment. We also recommend that you make a backup with iTunes/Finder before installing iOS 16. Because if you don't like the Beta version, you will need a backup to go back to the previous version and not lose your data.

How to take backup with iTunes

  • Open iTunes and connect iPhone to PC.
  • After connecting your iPhone; Trust This Computer on iPhone? You will receive an alert. Click on the Trust option and enter the iPhone's passcode if available.
  • If you want to save Health and Activity data on your iOS device or Apple Watch, you need to encrypt your backup. For this; Select the Encrypt iPhone backup box and create an easy-to-remember password. If you don't need to save your Health and Activity data, you can create an unencrypted backup. To do this, simply click Back Up Now.
  • After doing these operations, the backup of iPhone will be automatically saved to the PC.

After backing up your iPhone, let's move on to how to install iOS 16 Beta.

How to install iOS 16 Beta Profiles

  1. Open the link here on the iPhone with the Safari browser. (Write your email address in the comments for the download link.)
  2. Download the iOS Beta Profile.
  3. You will be asked for your password to install the iOS Beta Profile on your iPhone. Enter your password and load the profile.
  4. Turn iPhone off and on.
  5. After the iPhone is turned on; Go to Settings>General>Software Update.
  6. iOS 16 Beta will appear on this screen. Download and install.

After this process, you will be able to download the Beta updates, which will be released regularly every month, via OTA. Our advice to you is to wait for the iOS 16 Public Beta, which will be released in July and has fewer bugs for anyone to install.


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